Tarmac Repairs Gloucestershire

A Tarmac drive looks good when freshly laid and usually for a few years to come. However, in time, it will lose the resins which were originally present in the surface, due to weathering, sunlight and vehicle tyre contact.
If the Tarmac continues to lose its resins, the next stage is usually 'fretting' where small stones break away from the surface and in its final stage it will start to crack and break up.

In all but the worst cases, we can rescue the situation and your drive! This can save you thousands of pounds when compared to the cost and hassle of having a whole new driveway laid.

Our restoration procedure is usually as follows: 

We always need to pressure wash the surface, but this surface needs to be cleaned more gently than concrete surfaces, for example. We may also use a Moss Clear product to pre-treat the surface some days prior to pressure washing if a large amount of moss is present.

After the surface has dried completely, we can fill any cracks using Smartseal Crack Repair Compound and holes with a Cold Lay Repair Tarmac product.

The final stage is to apply two coats of Tarmaseal™ Tarmac Restorer which restores the lost resins. This is a far superior solution to simple Tarmac paint, which is a skin-deep temporary cosmetic solution only. Tarmac paint sits on the surface and can peel off.

We work regularly in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Newport, Chepstow, Tewkesbury and surrounding areas and offer FREE quotations.

So if your Tarmac surface is in need of some TLC, call us today! Alternatively click here to fill in our enquiry form and we'll come back to you as soon as possible.

Tarmac Repairs Gloucestershire image
Tarmac Repairs Gloucestershire image
Tarmac Repairs Gloucestershire image
Tarmac Repairs Gloucestershire image
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