Decking Cleaning & Oiling

Many people in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire have had decked areas installed to the rear of their homes as relaxation areas. Decking often looks good as a garden feature when new, but it can start to deteriorate quickly over time. The damp climate in the UK can result in decking quickly getting covered in algae and moss which can cause problems.

Decking is normally made from cheaper softwood which will degrade quicker than more expensive hardwoods. Its always advisable to oil decking to keep it looking like new. We have oiled decking in Tewkesbury, Newport and Pontypool. We have also cleaned and oiled commercial decked areas around pubs in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

If you are considering having your decking cleaned, make sure you use a reputable company, that will take the required amount of care when pressure cleaning your decking. High-powered pressure washers are great when used properly but they can quickly damage decked areas made of softwood if the pressure is up too high or the waterjet is left cleaning a section too long.

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Decking Cleaning & Oiling image
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